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1st speech therapy appointment

What to expect from an initial speech and language therapy appointment?

“My son has got his first speech therapy session on Monday, I was wondering if anyone could tell me a little bit about what to expect? I have got no idea what is meant to happen and I am getting a bit nervous about it.”


The first session is informal and relaxed, it is the opportunity for you to express your concerns and ask any questions you may have.


To enable the therapist to have an overall understanding of your child’s speech, language and communication skills, they will aim to assess the following key areas:

·      Attention and listening

·      Understanding of language

·      Expressive language

·      Speech

·      Play skills

·      Social Skills



How will the speech and language therapist assess these key areas?


Asking questions

The therapist will ask you about your concerns, how you think therapy can help your child and what you would like to achieve from therapy. It is a good idea to go in to the session with an idea of what support you would like and the next steps you would like your child to achieve in their development. This will enable the therapist to tailor any future therapy around your wants and needs in a way that fits with your family and lifestyle.
Case history

The therapist will then take a brief case history; you will be asked questions about:

·      Birth history

·      Medical history

·      Family history of Speech and Language therapy

·      Milestones


This information allows the therapist to pick up on any possible underlying reasons for your child’s speech and language difficulties.


Fun and games

The therapist will then play alongside your child, using age appropriate activities. This may include toys, games, picture cards and picture books.


The therapist may then want to observe you playing alongside your child.


Throughout the session the therapist will be writing down notes in response to their questions as well as noting their observations. This allows the therapist to record accurate information about your child’s speech language and communication abilities.


What next?


At the end of the session the speech and language therapist will feedback to you about their findings. You will be asked if you would like a written report highlighting your child’s strengths and area of need.  You are able to share this with teaching staff, child minders, other professionals and anyone to whom you feel it would be useful. The therapist will decide whether to suggest 1:1 Therapy, group therapy or if no input is needed at all, in which case your child can be discharged.  You will always be an active decision maker in your child's therapy plan.



How Integrated Treatment Services can help


We understand that a first appointment for any child’s parent can be a worrying time. Here at Integrated Treatment Services (I.T.S) we are all highly trained and skilled therapists able to offer flexible appointments that are tailored to your individual needs.  We don’t just assess in a clinic, but we take the time to visit your child at home or in school and nursery to assess your child’s speech language and communication abilities in a range of environments.


A therapist here at Integrated Treatment Services (I.T.S) is available throughout the week to take the time to explain the process of an initial assessment to you, answering any questions you might have.  
We are happy to speak with you over the telephone on: 0845 038 2921 or by email


We do not hold waiting lists for assessment or therapy and we ensure to offer you an appointment within 1 week of your enquiry.
If you have found this article helpful and you have more questions you would like answering, please contact us.  We are happy to hear from you with ideas for topics you would like us to cover in future blogs by simply clicking 'Ask us a Question'.

Alexandra Tolley

Speech and Language Therapist

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