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Announcements » Announcing Phase Ten and Eleven of the Newly Qualified Practitioner (NQP) Graduate Scheme
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Announcing Phase Ten and Eleven of the Newly Qualified Practitioner (NQP) Graduate Scheme

Integrated Treatment Services are excited to announce the launch of Phase TEN & ELEVEN of our NQP graduate scheme.

This scheme is open to all Newly Qualified Speech and Language Therapists across the country, who have achieved a degree or post graduate degree in Speech and Language Therapy.  We are particularly interested in hearing from you if you are able to work in the following geographical areas:
  • The West Midlands
  • London Central, East London & Twickenham
  • Southampton
  • Manchester
  • Sunderland
  • Durham
  • Newcastle
  • Sheffield
  • Staffordshire
  • East Anglia
  • North Yorkshire
  • Derby
  • Leeds
  • Yorkshire
  • Republic of Ireland
Interviews for phase 10  and 11 will be carried out via Skype on:

Phase 10:   Tuesday 17th December 2013

Phase 11: Monday 11th February 2014
*  Please note we will be accepting DMU graduates for early interview pre - graduation if you are able to attend the November of February rounds.  Job offers will be based on successful completion of your degree and references.

* We may also add an additional interview date in January, therefore please submit your application forms pre February if you are interested in the chance to join a phase 10a scheme.
Our I.T.S. NQP scheme nurtures NQPs and supports them through each step of their practice.  We would hope our NQPs will complete their competencies within 1- 2 years.  All NQPs will be encouraged to continue to develop their SALT career with I.T.S climbing the ladder to reach specialist SALTS.
Applying to the Scheme: All NQP's interested in applying for the scheme need to register their interest via the careers form on our website;
I.T.S provides NQPs with highly specialist support. You will excel in developing your skills in 'hand's on' therapy, learning all the latest specialist approaches and working with a small caseload in a holistic way.  We support therapists to expand upon their undergraduate skills to become well rounded and fully informed Speech and Language Therapists.  We can promise you will love working with our caseloads!

Our team is a highly skilled multi disciplinary team - see our team page to find out more about the dynamics of our team: 

You will be sent an application pack, which we will ask each NQP to complete and return all documentation by the closing date:
Phase 10 closing date:   Wednesday 11th December 2013

Phase 11 closing date:  Monday 3rd February 2014

Within the application pack you will receive:
  • A detailed summary of the I.T.S NQP Graduate scheme
  • A CV request
  • A supporting summary request
  • An application form
  • An interview activities summary
  • Information of the NQP competencies framework
  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview
We will repeat a further intake of NQP's following these phases, therefore unsuccessful applicants are invited to re-apply. If you have been approached by a school or an academy to provide therapy but you can't find the supervision and support you need, contact us to discuss on a personal level.  We strongly discourage working alone in any such setting, especially as an NQP.  Talk to us and we shall endeavour to help.
With best wishes
Sarah Davis
Director of Integrated Treatment Services