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About Us
It's the aim of Integrated Treatment Services to provide an exceptional standard of service to meet the therapy needs of children, adolescents and adults throughout the Midlands and more recently across the further areas of the U.K.
As Director of Services I would like to welcome you to Integrated Treatment Services where our highly skilled team of Speech and Language Therapists and Associated Therapists are waiting to support you.
As a practicing Speech and Language Therapist it has been important to me, to develop a team where our therapists are enabled to work thoroughly and efficiently. They will build a close rapport, so you can call upon a named therapist who is reliable and of whom you can trust. 
My own experience within the NHS enabled me to understand the effective working conditions that must be in place for our therapists to be truly productive with our clients and to fully utilise the skills they were trained to use.
We look to incorporate a multi-functional approach, ensuring that all areas of the clients needs are met. This includes seeing our clients across a range of settings, liaising with all the differing people that may be involved in the clients therapy and calling upon a range of approaches to suit the client.

As well as providing direct therapy, we are highly aware of the need to support the parents/carers, staff and the settings in which the client operates. We will jointly coach key people to support the therapy approaches, ensuring that you have the confidence to carry out any approaches with the clients that can help them to progress. We will also ensure that our therapy ideas fit into your daily lifestyles and the demands of the setting such as within schools.
We are proud to offer affordable, sustainable and measurable quality therapy with the immediate access which our clients are looking for.

We support parents and settings to utilise the statutory services available to them, referring them to NHS services as well, should they wish. This means that we might only need to supplement these statutory services to provide a complete therapy package to the client.
I.T.S. believes in keeping regular contact with our clients and as such we provide interactive services through our website and newsletters, including reviews of national policies, articles and current research. You can follow us on Twitter: to read the latest articles which reach the headlines.

We believe testimonials provide the best indicator in how our service is viewed, throughout the site you will read our clients feedback about each therapist and about I.T.S as a therapy service.
We take pride in listening to the praise and criticism of our clients and reflect any suggested changes immediately as we continually evolve and grow.
A recent service feedback survey expressed the following thoughts:

We are parents of a child with autism who has received speech therapy via the NHS and ITS.  Our experience thus far is that the current NHS Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) Service offered in our area is not fit for purpose. Despite our child having significant difficulties with speech and language we have struggled to access decent care from the SLT service in both quality and quantity of provision. The current model of working (presumably as a result of service issues) means that only the bare minimum is dealt with and the way the service is delivered is dictated by the needs of the service rather than the needs of the individual child. Difficulties we have encountered have been multiple. We have had to battle to get the therapist to see our child as often as he needs and we have received very little in the way of quality therapy. We understand the local service claims they offer a 'consultation model' in keeping with current practice, however they provide very little in the way of decent quality consultation spending the majority of the time in fruitless observation.  We feel their remit is so narrow that they are not able to deal with issues which according to their own Royal College's guidance fall in the remit of a SL therapist. This has led to them becoming deskilled with complex children and unable to meet their needs.

In contrast the service we have received from ITS has been of high quality and child-centred. From the beginning the programme put in place was with our child's needs paramount and clinically very appropriate. We have had quick access not only to therapy but being able to email our therapist about a range of issues and knowing they will be promptly answered. ITS has offered us a diverse range of SL approaches to deal with our child's difficulties and adapted these to their needs as necessary. Our therapist is skilled not only in delivering SLT but more diversely in play and social skills as well as being able to consider and help address some of the sensory integration difficulties our child faces. Our therapist worked closely with other statutory services including the NHS speech therapist and at no time did we feel that ITS was exploiting our vulnerable position of having a disabled child. We feel we receive an efficient, well organised, high quality, holistic programme of care looking at all aspect of our child's developmental needs

I write this not only as a parent but as a doctor who inherently believes in the National Health Service and public sector. However we, like many other parents locally have been badly let down by the SLT service offered by the NHS and when it comes to commissioning services we think that alterative service providers like ITS should be strongly considered as a viable alternative

We look forward to the opportunity in working with you and demonstrating our skills to meet your therapy requirements.
We hope you make ready use of our website asking us questions and downloading our resources.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time and we will endeavour to assist you in your enquiry.

Sarah Davis (previously Needham)
I.T.S. Director of Services

About Us

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ITS find time to speak to you about the service you require. I found Sarah Needham very easy to talk to, understanding exactly what I wanted for my daughter, Sophia. ITS have provided a very good Speech and Language Therapist for Sophia, the two have gelled well.
Monica - Nottingham
We would be more than to happy to recommend I.T.S. especially Sarah ,we were very much impressed with the work and effort of Sarah, she has done a commendable job with our son. We infact recommended this service to one of our friends and we would recommend it to many more if we can get these more cost effective results.
Vinod - Leicester